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    Need transmission work

    Any Anchorage Jeep owners on this forum have a recommendation for a good Jeep transmission person in Anchorage? I have an 88 wrangler with an Automatic.
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    U Joint brands

    I called NAPA because they don't show the manufacturer names online and asked for the highest quality u joint with zerk in the cap. He gave me part no. PUJ 280. I asked who makes it and he said Mogul. I searched "Mogul universal joints" and it looks like Moog is a brand owned by Federal-Mogul...
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    U Joint brands

    I want them to LAST. My choices locally are: 1. Duralast Gold 2. NAPA 3. Precision Any word on which brands are best/worst? I watched a video about replacing u joints that recommended getting ones with the grease fitting on the end cap not in the body (cross) for better strength. He also...
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    No 1st gear in my 88 YJ

    The 3 speed auto (32RH) won't go into 1st gear, even manually. I just bought it last Saturday and didn't even realize it until yesterday. I just knew it shook a little when it first started rolling. I've never owned a Jeep but wanted one for a long time. I've got a lot of work to do but...
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    Wanted a Jeep since 1992

    In 1992 it was a toss up between a Toyota pick up and a Jeep and I went with the Toyota. Finally bought a Jeep yesterday though. Got a little too much sun while driving with the top off all day! Any owners of older Jeep models in Anchorage? I've got to put a little work into mine and I have...