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    DW experience.

    Take away from this: LIFTED TOWING 70 MPH MODIFICATIONS TAILGATNG what a recipe
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    07 Cherokee 3.7 V6 - Starting Issue

    engine is cranking bbut will not start, spark is good? If that is correct check fuel pressure with a gauge, a weak pump wll not perform in he colder season.
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    Grand Cherokee 1999 brand new battery is draining in less than a mile

    jiffy lube is OK for oil changes. Firestone is OK for tires. You need a automotive technician, I will take a SWAG - supposedly* the battery is checked and the Alternator is checked, BUT was the circuit between checked - maybe fusible link? *Will need a second check
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    2006 Grand Cherokee PCM Issues

    keep original PCM! Scan and post ALL current codes. Tell us what troublehooting you did? Is the security ligh on or was It on? Will need to use a scanner, NOT key on off trick. PS Where was ign key during the work done?
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    Engine problems

    A thought - next time it starts to 'act up' - shift to N - let us know if it smooth's out while in N. Did you try accessing the codes as per the above video ?
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    up strem o2 sensor

    the sensors plug in SO- why are you needing color codes? Is there a reason to replace sensor? sensors come from jeep not aftermarket
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    New Guy Need Some Help

    step 1 get the vehicle scanned - yes even if light is off. scans are FREE fast and easy at most auto parts stores. POST all numbers here, someone will advise. step 2 check fuel pressure using a gauge.
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    Engine problems

    Lets start with easy FREE checks..... take your jeep to a local auto parts store, many will scan the system for FREE- copy down any codes they give you and post here. or get the codes yourself -- just turn key from off to RUN (not start) -off- run. off run , off run - the codes will appear...
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    Would you buy a Salvage Jeep?

    suspicious - that visual damage totaled a vehicle valued at over 10K ? And it has a salvage tittle?
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    94 Wrangler will not start

    check fuses do not just look at them fuse box underhood PDC F1
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    Camshaft sensors

    a I suggested work the cam issue - the above list Is what to check...The circuits wiring and th connectors. The programming may require a jeep scanner- I do not know if the combination gears, tires can be programed - might not be a selection.
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    New guy needs some help

    parking brake cables
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    Camshaft sensors

    I would work the CMP sensor as a separate issue - and that is likely a wiring issue. Possible Causes p0369 (F856) 5-VOLT SUPPLY CIRCUIT OPEN (F856) 5-VOLT SUPPLY CIRCUIT SHORTED TO GROUND (K441) CMP SENSOR SIGNAL 1/2 CIRCUIT SHORTED TO VOLTAGE (K441) CMP SENSOR SIGNAL 1/2...
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    2006 Wrangler X TJ Automatic Transmission Shift

    try scanning for codes- must use a scanner. Don't know till you look Any chance remote starter - or modified wring? somethng dumping saved data -adaptives
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    Big Tars and displayed MPG?

    I get so ****ed off - these sellers know full well the effects of selling these items and always forget to mention or provide information or the necessary work. No longer a do whatever you want vehicle today they are almost AI, mods are not isolated unseen without effects. ASK read learn
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    I want to second what JPNinPA posted - lets avoid the lower T'stats if we can - A discussion for another time. OK you changed the sending unit - did you use a OEM jeep part? tell us what oil you are using? 10W20 walmart and a fram filter? I had this issue in Atlanta in summer with...
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    Big Tars and displayed MPG?

    All you need to do is reprogram the new tire size into the PCM. Whoever sold you the tires should be able to help - As they sold you the tires I am sure they are aware of this.
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    2002 Cherokee radiator issues

    The fan relay might set a code if bad - remember the key trick will not show all codes... The fan control 'module' is located behind bumper fascia. BUT tech's almost always access from behind R/S headlight - look there to see if the access hole is already cut, this is a 2002 model likely...
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    HVAC air flow problems

    sorry busy day for me - no time to solve this.... Attached dia looks like 1/2 half a puzzle but info is there mybe vac lines swapped I think the mode doors are incorrectly set up. Is that your HVAC controller in dia above?