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    drivers side door panel

    sounds like you need new screw anchors ( the white plugs the screws go into) or washers on the heads of the screws so the heads dont pull through the door panel
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    Rear Hatch will not open & Rear Drivers Side Door Will Not Open

    first question is what happens when the handles are pulled with the door locks in both positions...
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    What's in your....Rear End?

    Not much, really...:oops:
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    Code P 0455 What does that mean ?

    two points: first after market gascap often fail, for the price, I always buy them from a dealer to avoid chasing ghosts. Second, that canister with the hoses is another primary issue to check. there is a vacuum solenoid under the hood that goes from the engine to that cannister, check the...
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    1997 PCM after install issue

    Ive dealt with all computer in the past, they are a good company. In fact Id risk stating probably the best.
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    1997 PCM after install issue

    Call another dealer or two before you pay for another PCM. From my dealings with pcm remanufacturers , there is only one per generation and every feature is just a matter of programming the unit. this includes things like auto door locks (locking doorss when the transmission is put in drive...
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    CJ7 DUAL EXHAUST FUEL PUMP ISSUE with Chevy 350 Fuel Injestion

    A good electric fuel pump with medium to high pressure, with an external regulator under hood wit a return line will prevent vapor lock since fuel will always flow.
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    4.7l v8 cylinder heads

    first is your static timing properly set?
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    Severe oil leak problem RMS

    are you sure its the oil seal and not the oil pan?
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    98 TJ #1 Injector Problem

    go to your local auto supply source and get a can of trailer connector spray cleaner, its a red liquid anti oxident. use it on all the associated connections liberally and if you have a brush use that in addition and spray again. more often than not corrosion on the connector first, damaged...
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    Code P 0455 What does that mean ?

    never use anything heavier than 10w40 in a street engine! heavier oils will exasperate any damage you are trying to compensate for. the heavier oils are for extremely hot heavily abused egines such as drag strip raacing engines that utilize preoilers, since the heavy oils don lubricate any...
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    1997 PCM after install issue

    your PCM must be programmed to your vin to function properly. they are not simple buy at a bone yard and install. this is why the pcms are so expensive.
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    95 Jeep Wrangler manifold gasket problems

    not all 95's can be scanned OBD was first implimented in LATE 95. and first became standard in 96. this is something everyone forgets, 3/4 of the 95 vehicles (ALL MAKES) require the key jiggle to read the code off the check engine light.
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    3D printing?

    the fuseholder is damn spiffy but where is the wife pattern?
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    What did you break today?

    Went drive shaft pole vaulting after spending over a grand on new tires... The clips on the universals at the back of the transfer case werent properly seated. I had busted ribs and had to play supervisor when the Tcase was reinstalled after I rebuilt it. Wife couldnt understand why I hate...
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    Exhaust smell & misfire like popcorn

    your exhaust leak will be at the cat or exhaust manifold
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    Exhaust smell & misfire like popcorn

    Re: Exhaust smell & misfire like popcorn Your 94 wont give you codes with a reader, that came post 95. Popping on deceleration is almost always fuel delivery on injected engines. (on a carburated engine, it would most likely be timing) you are hearing fuel igniting in the exhaust...
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    steering stabilizer test 02 Grand

    an FYI that horizontal mounted shock, the steering stabilizer should be able to be removed and you should be able to drive down the road without noticing any difference. Its job is to buffer vibrations from the road surface from hitting the steering wheel and nothing more. We put larger ones in...
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    Motor swap

    its called more torque per RPM, so you didnt have to use as much throttle, this small displacement engine getting bettter gas mileage bs is a detroit hoax, its torque plus gearing that gives fuel mileage
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    Motor swap

    the link is right in the post. and yes the 4.0 caan be bolted up to the transmission from a 2.5, both Novak and Advance Adaptor make the kits for a direct drop in, and the GM 350 is a good 50% heavier than the 4.0, which is far from comparable. this is why the front suspension gos sout so...