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  1. FmrPlt

    1993 YJ Suspension lift - hard to find.

    Suspension kits are all out of stock. I had an 87 AMC wrangler. Paperwork said AMC but Chyrsler built the jeep. Right during the transition. Still had the 4.2L 258 engine with the BA-10 (which promply broke). Pulled an AX15 out of a Cherokee, dropped right in. Ran beautifully. Then I ended...
  2. FmrPlt

    1993 YJ Suspension lift - hard to find.

    I'm finally getting my YJ back in shape to drive after sitting for 10 years waiting for a good engine. Engine is in but need a lift as almost no one has 225/75R15 tires anymore. So I'm searching for a 2.5" lift. Well to find the suspension is just as difficult as the tires. I don't want...
  3. FmrPlt

    His -N- Hers

    You realize - once you start... We now have four jeeps, it never stops!