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  1. superj

    Cool towing tip

    I have had that happen, but not from a tow dolly. We had those tow bars that hook to the bumper break and the car passed us on the road. We had to floor it to get in front of it and slow down so it hit the back bumper and stop it like that. Not as fun as it sounds, thats for sure
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    New member

    Welcome to the group
  3. superj

    97 4.0 knock popped up out of no where.

    My wife's cherokee had a knock that i thought was bearings. Turns out the torque converter had a bolt back out and it was hitting a piece inside the bellhousing
  4. superj

    Happy New Year!

    Happy new year!!
  5. superj

    New coming soon!

    I like this new board more and more.
  6. superj

    1993 YJ Suspension lift - hard to find.

    Old man emu is awesome. Had it on my 87
  7. superj

    Check out this cool little endoscope for $5

    I have one like that and its been very useful on engines
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  9. superj

    What is everyone asking for Christmas?

    I just would like to see everyone. I.feel christmas should be more like thanksgiving where its more for families to see each other instead of people spending money they dont have on presents for people they only see ince a year
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    New coming soon!

    I like the new set up
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    Getting through the emissions test

    Wow. What a bad design
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    New coming soon!

    Thats cool. Is it similar to what the other major forums use? Do we get those little thimbs up symbols if we think a post is cool?
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    Hello Everyone

    Welcome. Zj cherokees are great trucks. I have had 2 or 3 and really liked them
  14. superj

    2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee - 60k mi - 3.6L auto - stuck in limp mode/accel pedal issue

    Not me. My sister in law has a 2016 geand cherokee too and its had a pretty fair number of issues. Yours is not one though
  15. superj

    Getting through the emissions test

    Wow. The water pump is run off the timing chain? Thats crazy
  16. superj

    O ring seal for transmission filler tube (dipstick)..

    Until you find one, you can get an oring in the plumbing aisle at your local hardware store. Thats where i have had to go for orings on injectors and other spots before when i needed one and was having a hard time geting it. I ended up with faucet orings. They arent the proper materiel but...
  17. superj

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    Happy thanksgiving!
  18. superj

    Recommendations for exterior dash cams

    Thats how my autocross videos were, the sound of me and the passenger screaming made the videos not so cool. Check for them on sale on amazon. Its going to be black friday prices so should be cheap
  19. superj

    Getting through the emissions test

    I am glad everything has gotten straightened out and everyone kearned something on an odd part. Hopefully it passes with flying colors
  20. superj

    Tj steering issues, maybe

    Your tie rod is not parallel to the front axle, or ground. Thats something i remember reading that will cause issues. Is lie where it connects to the driver side is upside down? Let the tj pros come look and see what they see, though. Dont go solely off my response as my tj has its own...